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Personal Training and TRX Suspension Training

Core Pilates Dallas

Core Pilates Dallas offers Pilates and personal training with an emphasis on strength that supports healthy, stable movement with correct postural alignment.


Challenging your balance and coordination while working with a variety of resistance loads can help you improve the function of the central nervous system and your bodys ability to function during daily activities.


A personal training session may incorporate use of  TRX® suspension training, Resist-A-Ball, kettlebells, dumbells, Body bars, BOSU, gliders and resistance bands, and CoreAlign.


TRX® Suspension Training - All Core, All the Time!


Suspension training is a fun, efficient, and effective way to build strength, confidence and flexibility.


It is about harnessing your own body weight against gravity and performing suspended exercises to maximize strength development, stability, endurance, and sculpt the body.


During the suspension exercises, the core muscles must remain engaged to maintain proper body position. Also, because most of the movements involve multiple joints and occur in multiple directions, suspension training can also improve balance and coordination.


Suspension training is good for:

- Strength training

- Flexibility training

- Stability and agility training

- Core body development

Core Pilates Dallas
What is TRX?
TRX has an arsenal of powerful, body-weight training tools to help you tighten your core, build lean muscle and boost your metabolism.
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