Rehabilitative Pilates

Strengthen Your Core!

Build a foundation with Rehabilitative Pilates.

Pilates exercise can transform the efficiency and function of daily movements and promote optimal health and fitness.

Rehabilitative Pilates is a proven, safe and effective approach to achieve this.

Pilates can help you come back from injuries stronger and faster and is the key to prevent future injuries as well.

The intensity and range of motion of Pilates exercises can be adapted to meet the needs of the client.

Learn techniques to incorporate into your movement practice that will help restore, protect, and strengthen your core for life!

If you are interested in utilizing Pilates to achieve better wellness, fitness and movement awareness, contact Core Pilates Dallas to schedule an appointment.


Rehabilitative Pilates Session Fees

$110.00 Single Private Session

$600.00 Package of 6 Sessions

Rehabilitative Pilates Instructors

Marie Chandler  PT, NCPT
Physical Therapist, Polestar Pilates Certified Instructor

Marie’s passion has always been to help people improve their mobility and activity with exercise. With her roots grounded in 45 years of practicing Physical Therapy she served in various settings and a variety of roles in hospitals, outpatient clinics, home health and skilled nursing facilities.

As part of a tremendously successful tenure overseeing and developing the Performance Pilates Program at the legendary Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center since the early 2000s, Marie initiated her fitness training completing the Neuro-Core Kinetic certification in 2004 and a Mat Certification with Power Pilates in 2005. Her first Full Teacher Training Pilates Program was at Pilates Unlimited in 2007.  In 2011, she received her Pilates Method Alliance Certification. Since then she successfully completed the Comprehensive Pilates Transition Certification with Polestar Pilates International in 2015. Currently she is an instructor/educator for the Polestar Pilates Comprehensive certification from 2016-present.

Eager to share and draw on her diverse background she designs programs for individuals with joint replacements, Scoliosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease as well as individuals with movement restrictions related to pain in the spine, hips, shoulder etc.

Pilates brings the possibility to help people age in a strong body.

The multidisciplinary approach is designed for women Pre-Post Natal to reclaim their bodies, athletes to perfect their performance and others who strive to improve their posture, capabilities and overall physical presence.

Marie is a Peer Educator with the American Bone Health Organization and serves on their Education Advisory Committee.

Over the years she has attended numerous continuing education work- shops and made several presentations to Physical and Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant programs in Texas.

For fun and adventure Marie spends time with her husband exploring the state of Texas as they participate in Trail Running throughout the Hill Country, Big Ben National Park, Ft Davis Mountains and Seminole Canyon.

Jill Roberts  PT, MS
Physical Therapist, Polestar Pilates Certified Instructor

Jill received her Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science from Texas A&M University in 1998 and then completed her Masters in Physical Therapy in 2001 from Texas State University.


Jill has always been passionate about health and fitness which lead her to a career as a Physical Therapist. As a Physical Therapist, she has been able to help patients thrive through movement and exercise, returning to what they love and regaining their quality of life.


Jill has been practicing Physical Therapy for nearly 20 years. Over those years, she has gained a wealth of experience in many areas including acute neurological rehabilitation, pediatrics, outpatient sports injury rehabilitation and most recently, orthopedics and post-surgical rehabilitation.


Desiring the ability to further address whole person wellness and move towards surgery prevention, Jill was introduced to the practice of Pilates by a friend and mentor. She became a student with Polestar Pilates where she completed her training. Polestar Pilates is a rehabilitative training program that applies current research and practice in orthopedics, sports medicine and movement science to the principles originated by Joseph Pilates.


Even with years of experience as a Physical Therapist and knowledge of movement and body mechanics, Jill continues to be amazed at her own progress with body awareness through Pilates. Pilates has been the perfect complement to her career as a Physical Therapist and has allowed her increased ability to visualize faulty movement patterns and provide safe and effective strategies for improvement.


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